Monday, March 3, 2008


Balkh Officials Arrested Five Suicide Bombers

Afghanistan officials announced the arrest of five Al Qaeda suicide bombers in the capital city of Northern Balkh province yesterday on March 1st, 2008. General Atta Mohammad Noor, the Governor of the Northern Province confirmed the arrest of five Al Qaeda members to the press at his Provincial office.

The group of terrorists under the command of Sahib Gul had committed numerous suicide attacks in different areas of Balkh city. They were trained in Helmand, in the southern part of the country before starting their mission in the north.

Governor Atta Mohammad told the press about many different types of mines that were found among the group, such as Anti Autos, Anti Personnel, Remote Controlled and Grenades Bombs.

Balkh is known as the most peaceful and tightly secured province in whole country. On the other hand, since the beginning of 2007, Taliban, Al Qaeda and the anti western party Hzib-Islami began targeting all Northern Provinces of Afghanistan. Taliban trains underage children as suicide bombers in the Southern part of the country, they trick the street children into wearing explosive vests by telling them they will see flowers when they push the button. They are told to walk to the foreign troops and then to press the button.

Most of the attacks have been planned by Hzib-Islami members in view of the fact that they have more familiarity with the areas than the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Hzib-Islami had many groups and followers in every part of the Northern cities of Afghanistan during the war against Soviet. After they allied with the Taliban and Al Qaeda they took the position of attacking Northern cities.

Besides suicide bombing, Hzib-Islami party has been assassinating the local authorities and religious leaders who are not willing to co-operate.

Twice the Taliban captured Balkh province in 1990s. They committed many robberies, kidnappings, ethnicities genocides, women trafficking and destruction.