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The Civil Revolutionary of Balkh
A Short Biography of Ustad Zabiullah Khan

The mastermind Ustad Zabiullah Khan is the man who sacrificed himself to let the sun of democracy and freedom shine from the Balkh sky. He is the man who re-made Balkh history once again, and the man who taught every Balkhi resident honesty, faithfulness, defensibility, loyalty, compassion, cooperation, conscientiousness, patriotism and generosity.

Ustad Zabiullah Khan, an ethnic Tajik, who later became a competent leader, was a schoolteacher in Balkh city in the northern province of Afghanistan when the Russian Red Army invaded the country. Zabiullah was known as a kind hearted, nice and friendly teacher. His students loved him very much.

But the state of affairs deteriorated, day after day. Horror, murder and imprisonment, unreasonable horrific torture, changed everyone’s life into a state of oppressive suffering and fearful nightmares. Every day innocent civilians were murdered and imprisoned for no reason in the city of Balkh. No student or teacher dared to come to school or set foot in government offices. The historical city of Balkh turned into a bloody killing zone.

Ustad Zabiullah didn’t want his country to be destroying anymore and his innocent people to die. Manly he stood tall on the mountain of Alborz outer surface of Balkh to stop the terrorization of communism. The day when he discussed with his close friends, who most of them were schoolteachers about the politic condition, he decided to fight and free his city from the red handed communists. Most of the teachers including the current governor of Balkh Ustad Atta Mohammad Noor joined him and they all left to the mountains to start the holy revolution and drive the Red Army out.

Ustad Zabiullah met with Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani the leader of Jamiat-e Islami Afghanistan (Islamic Society of Afghanistan) in Peshawar, Pakistan and established Northern Freedom Fighting Council of Jamiat-e-Islami. After a month Zabiullah returned to Balkh and brought the approval of Balkh council.

Attorney Mawlawi Mohammad Alam became the head of the Northern Freedom Fighting Council of Jamiat-e-Islami, who was later assassinated by the Taliban in 1997, and Ustad Zabiullah was then appointed as Chief of the Army. He began the holy revolution with his other fellows such as Ustad Atta Mohammad Noor the current governor of Balkh; Mamoor Abdullah; Rais Din Mohammad; Haji Hamidullah Sad`bashi; Mohammad Saleem Shahed, Mohammad Alam Khan Azadi, the current representative of Balkh province in Afghanistan parliament; Mrs. Sayfora Niyazi, Mrs. Rabia; etc.

Ustad Zabiullah Khan served as a chief of Jamiat-I-Islami freedom fighters in three northern provinces; Balkh, Samangan and Baghlan. Any village and any district that he had freed from the communists, he helped rebuild. The first things that he built were schools, hospitals and cultural centers, as well as educational training centers for his fighters and their families. In a year Ustad Zabiullah had put fear in every pro communist’s heart in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

Ustad Zabiullah Khan met with Ahmad Shah Massoud, the current National Hero of Afghanistan, in district of Narin on July 1983. Zabiullah suggested Massoud establish a larger military council, which would include whole northern cities. Massoud was fighting in the Panjsher valley, Kapisa and Parwan provinces 25 kilometers away from Kabul. Massoud agreed to Zabiullah Khan’s suggestion and established the new military council of Jamiat-I-Islami named Shura-ya-Nezar after the approval of Prof, Rabbani the leader of Jamiat. In a few nights of Ustad Zabiullah Khan’s visit he shared many strategies with Massoud. Ahmad Shah Massoud respected him like his older brother and a competent leader after Prof Rabbani.

Zabiullah Khan defeated the Red Army in many districts and burn down many military conveys of Russia. Zabiullah captured almost half of Balkh province and surrounded the city where the main center of communist was and organized his frontline on southern mountains of Balkh.

Soon, the younger generations of Balkh joined Zabiullah Khan’s force, such as Mohammad Esaq Rahgozar, Mohammad Feda Noor the younger brother of current governor, Mohammad Sediq Toob, Mohammad Ahlemcha, Muhammad Nader Hawan, Qari Qudratullah the current secretary of Balkh governor, Ghulam Chambol and etc. These new fighters gave the opportunity to Zabiullah Khan to move his Chiriks (secret fighters) into the city of Balkh, Mazar-I-Sharif.

The Red Army sent a letter addressed to Ustad Zabiullah to come and make an agreement and allow Russia conveys to pass the northern highways and they would give him weapons, money and anything more he wants. Ustad Zabiullah Khan replied to the letter
‘’ You invaded my country, you are killing my innocent people, I will fight until drive you out, and we do not need for those things you offering us’’

Zabiullah was flying mountain to mountain like an eagle with his brave men. He continued his operation with his patriot horsemen force in the Marmol district of Balkh. In 24 hours he drove the Red Army out. The Red Russia Army left the areas. More then three hundreds Red Army soldiers got killed and many tanks and military trucks burned down.

The Communist terrorization regime got weaker day after day. Zabiullah Khan kept his legendary movement against them. The Russia moved all their diplomats from the northern cities. Zabiullah attacked many Russia bases inside of Balkh city and outside. Russia Red Army and Afghanistan pro communist regime left helpless and deteriorated. They could not find any options to overpower Zabiullah Khan’s force, so they planned Ustad Zabiullah Khan’s assassination.

On December 1984 a road bombing which broke every Balkhis patriot’s heart assassinated Ustad Zabiullah Khan. Hearing the death news of their defender, shocked men, women, children, teachers and students in Balkh province. Fortunately the brave patriotic friends kept the forces and the leadership animated and powerful.

Prof, Buharanddin Rabbani and Balkh cultural and politic council appointed Ustad Mohammad Atta Noor as a new Chief military force. Atta Mohammad Noor, the close friend of Zabiullah Khan, kept the army strongly and fought the Red Army in the name of God and his leader Zabiullah Khan. Atta Mohammad, the current governor of Balkh, has always regarding Zabiullah Khan and calls him the warrior and heritage of Balkh history.

Master Zabiullah Khan still lives alive in every heart of Afghanistan’s peace loving people. The patriotic people of Balkh named a Library and a cultural center after him in Balkh city. Every year celebrating his martyrdom anniversary, which the residents cook, rice with meat for thousands. Zabiullah’s fighters under commands of Atta Mohammad Noor ended the Russia invasion and as well as fought Taliban-Qaeda till 2001.

Zabiullah showed the love of a teacher, a teacher who educate people and make them good citizens in their society. Nevertheless he did more than that, beside of teaching, he freed them as well.


Movie Documentary (Oqabe Dar Setigh Alborz)

Author: Akram Andishmand