Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mayor meets with Afghan Governor
Ustad Atta Mohammad Noor
(September 24, 2007)
Mayor meets with Afghan Governor Ustad Atta Mohammad NoorMayor Potter on Friday (9/21) met with Ustad Atta Mohammad Noor, governor of Balkh Province in Afghanistan. Governor Atta is an ethnic Tajik and is known as the most educated governor in Afghanistan . Balkh Province under his leadership is considered one of the most peaceful in the country.
Mr. Atta was a schoolteacher prior to the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Mr. Atta then became a "freedom fighter" against the Soviet occupation (and later the Taliban and Al-Qaeda) as a commander of the "Northern Alliance.''While the United Nations and Human Rights Watch have accused other former commanders of human rights abuses, no such allegations have ever been levied against him.
Governor Atta is an outspoken advocate for women’s rights including ending all types of violence against women and supporting women as a key resource in the development and reconstruction of the country.