Saturday, January 26, 2008


Why should I seek? I am the same as
He. His essence speaks through me.
I have been looking for myself!

International ceremony of 800th Anniversary of the birth Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi (Rumi) was held on December 27 in Balkh city northern part of Afghanistan.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has designated 2007 "Year of Rumi" to mark the 800th birth of Afghanistan's philosopher and mystical poet Maulana Jelaluddin Balkh known as Rumi in west. Maulana was born in Afghanistan's Balkh Province on September 30, 1207 to a family of learned theologians. He is one of the greatest spiritual and literary figures of all times. As the most celebrated poet of the Farsi language, Maulana is renowned for his message of love, humanity and peace, and for his founding of the Mawlawia order, better known as the "Whirling Dervishes."

Hundreds of national and International scholars, post, and philosopher came together to celebrate the anniversary in Balkh where Maulana was born. Most of the visitors were foreign such as American, European and Asian. The foreign guests spoke about rebuilding of Maulana original city.

General Atta Mohammad Noor the current governor of Balkh, furthermore a big fan of Maulana explained his cultural development in the ceremony and requested to build a strong association between Mawlana birthplace Balkh and Turkey where Maulna’s grave is.

Maulna’s major work is Masnavi-e Manavi (Spiritual Couplets). Other books: Diwan-e Shams-e Tabriz-i (The Works of Shams of Tabriz - named in honor of Mevlana’s great friend and inspiration), Fihi Ma Fih (In It What's in It), Majalis-i Sab'a (Seven Sessions), Robai’yat (the couplets), Makateb (the written pieces)